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  • Billable hours with no limits
    Traditional lawyers charge in between 250 and 400 Euros net by the hour for legal advice and representation. This way, they can pass on their high expenses onto their clients. It’s also the clients who bear the full cost risk of how long it will take the lawyers to finish the task, let alone of its use or benefit for the client. Mostly clients will only realize the actual costs upon receiving  the bill, often with a “rude awakening”.
  • Shared cost risk
    We share your risk of cost with you. Whenever possible, you will only pay a fixed amount and nothing on top, no matter if the task takes us longer than we originally estimated. Also, we will give you an estimate of our required hours upfront, agree with you on a salary cap and always keep you up to date on the expenses – you stay in control of the costs at all time! Even for bespoke legal advice you will never pay more than 260 € net per hour net. We can offer you these hourly rates due to the use of IT and our lean cost structure.
  • Stakeholder of their own interests
    This compensation policy roots in the law firms’ self-perception as external service providers. However, some of their interests are not aligned with their clients’, as e.g. in the question of time efficiency. Since they get paid by the hour, a few lawyers will show their research findings as an activity report instead of recommending actions for the client to take. There are even some black sheep who charge in excess. E.g. a colleague will only draw a form from his files – and bill several hours of work for it.
  • Part of your Team
    Regard us as your external law department. We will come to your office and work hand in hand with you and your team. We keep a long-term perspective and always one eye on the numbers. This way we help you with any negotiations with competitors, clients and employees. We only pursue your claims when it makes sense economically. We are happy to keep your budget, whether we can help you with a quick research or simply copy-pasting a form! Due to modern communication tools we always remain at your service.
  • The anti-enterpreneuers
    The bigger a law firm, the less its lawyers will understand you or your troubles. Most people who choose this career path are risk averse and thus the opposite of enterpreneurs. Even if such a traditional lawyer tries to put himself into your shoes, he will only rarely be able to understand you, let alone share your view and visions.
  • Enterpreneurs just like you
    Streiff Law is not a law firm, it’s a business. We are founders ourselves and have ventured into business risks multiple times. We know the excitement, worries and needs of businessmen from experience – not by hearsay. At Streiff Law we share your view and visions and speak your language.

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