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As a modern law firm we use the latest IT in organization and case management. Thus we have created a lean cost structure. We are proud of being able to pass on these cost benefits to our clients through our rates.

This is a selection of our products and services. All offers are tailored to businesses and freelancers. All prices are net and do not include value added tax (VAT) of 19%.

0 €
Get to know us


Get to know us – via Skype, phone or in person here in Berlin. We will present to you our methods of work, set our common goals and give you an estimate of costs.

260 €
Legal Advice


We provide bespoke legal advice at an hourly rate of 260 € net. Gladly we will you an upfront estimation of our hours and set an hour cap. You will remain in conrtol of your costs at any given time.

Get an overview of our fields of consulting here.

549 €
Starting a business in Germany

startup 2018

At a fixed rate we will draft customized versions of all contracts and documents that you will require to start a business in Germany by founding a limited liability company (UG or GmbH):

  • company bylaws
  • notarial deed*
  • shareholder agreement
  • director’s employment agreement
  • registration with the commercial register*

* notary & register charge extra


1199 €
Employee Participation ESOP


We will draft a complete employee share program tuned to your individual business, be it with direct or virtual shares or options (ESOP). We guide you through the whole process of employee participation and draft all required documents:

  • ESOP conditions
  • amendment to bylaws of limited liability company
  • notariel deed
  • formular for exercise of rights


Would you like the fees for other legal services?

Simply ask for a quote under or call us under +49 30 1208 6201

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