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LegalStrasse Workshop #2 about recruitment in Germany

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    recruitment in Germany

After the great feedback about the last workshop we decided to go for another round. On May 10th we covered founding your company, now it is time to grow! We will cover the most important aspects about recruitment in Germany.

LegalStrasse Workshop #2 – Recruitment in Germany

When? Wednesday, June 7th, 12:30 pm

Where? TheFamily, Chausseestr. 19, Berlin

What? Growing your business – recruitment in Germany by hiring employees and freelancers

Who? Daniel talking and hopefully you listening and asking questions 🙂

How? Sign up for free @this link and download the contracts for free here


Workshop in detail

We will start off by explaining the advantages of using the free contracts on LegalStrasse and how to use them.

Then we will cover the fundamental question on recruitment in Germany: are you hiring an employee or a freelancer? If you choose the wrong contract-relationship, you might suffer dear consequences and even criminal punishment as a Managing Director. Therefore, watch out!

Afterwards we will go into all the steps of recruitment in Germany and cover the most important issues when recruiting.

We will briefly touch data privacy law and the data privacy declaration and move on to freelancer contracts and give a general view of the topics there.

Lastly, we will close up with another major founder issue when dealing with employees: employment participation. You will learn all the differences between the most common participation methods and we will go in length about our favorite participation program, the virtual stock options plan (VSOP).


Next workshop

In round three of the workshop series we will talk about funding so you can pay all the employees and freelancers. We will announce the workshop soon!


Any Questions?

Then leave as a quick message under or call as under +49 30 8597 6915



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