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Good news for all founders: We are proud to announce the launch of LegalStrasse!

In cooperation with TheFamily, an international early stage incubator and VC, we have created LegalStrasse. On this platform, founders can get all the legal templates they need to found, run and grow a GmbH or UG in Germany – for free!

In order to empower founders to use these templates we are starting a series of workshops in English. The first workshop will be on Wednesday, 12:30 pm, at TheFamily’s Berlin office in Chausseestraße 19. It will cover when and how to found a company and explain the Articles of Association (bylaws, Gesellschaftsvertrag), Shareholder’s Agreement (Gesellschaftervereinbarung) and the Managing Director’s Service Agreement (Geschäftsführerdienstvertrag).

Click here for more infos and to register for the event! 

No worries if you miss any of the workshops. They will be recorded and be uploaded to YouTube. The slides will be available on slideshare.


Any Questions?

Then leave as a quick message under or call as under +49 30 8597 6915


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