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  • starting a business in Germany

Guide to starting a business in Germany: What is the right legal entity for my business?

Starting a business in Germany If you already have a foreign company and want to expand your business, starting a business in Germany is just one of many options: you could just do business there, open a dependent or an independent branch. However, a (daughter) company has many advant
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  • mini gmbh

When (not) to use the standard record for the mini GmbH (UG-Musterprotokoll)

The GmbH is the operator’s weapon of choice vs. the mini GmbH While GmbH & Co. KGs are very common among funds for tax purposes, an operative company will normally incorporate as a limited liability company – the GmbH or an UG – the mini GmbH. The name-giving lim
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  • german

Language in German legal documents

My advice in short: have your contracts bilingual with the German version as the binding one. While Germans love English… Contracts may be written in any language as long as both Parties understand them; otherwise they are prone to being contested (Anfechtung, § 119 BGB –
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  • own

Just realized you own a GbR? Own it professionally!

As we have seen, lots of entrepreneurs found GbR companies without even knowing it. We have also seen that running a GbR means running big risks so you want to found a “real” company such as a GmbH as soon as possible. Being a professional, you want to set things in order
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  • Startup Stock Photos

Think about starting a business in Germany? Maybe you already have..

So you decided to join the class of the innovative – and temporarily – poor to become an entrepreneur? Jump the legal hurdles to kickstart? Maybe you are already right in the middle of German Paragraphendschungel (legal jungle) for starting a business in Germany? Starting
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